Insights (Part 1)

I think we all have this personal cache of wisdom that’s inaccessible to everyone besides ourselves. I believe the actual content of this wisdom is common knowledge, for the most part, but the context of this information in our own realities creates a unique aspect of wisdom that manifests respectively through our inner truths. Do not take my advice; rather, borrow it. These words are only for your consideration, and have no instructional value–save for my own personal experience:

  • More often than not it is a greater risk to NOT take a chance than to step into the unknown and follow through with it.
  • To get a better sense of your life trajectory and existential pace, cast aside all certainty and stability in your lifestyle and pay careful attention to your inner truth.
  • ‘Tis better to die living than to live dying.
  • Life is precious. Respect ALL life.
  • If you have trouble keeping your beliefs and principles in check, try stepping outside yourself and see whether the Big Questions in life hold more weight than the answers themselves.
  • Meeting someone new is just a single introduction away. Initiation is simply a means to an end, but meeting someone halfway is on you…not them.
  • If you don’t ask, the answer is always “No.”
  • The reality of a situation cannot truly sink in prior to taking the first step. Be wary of assumptions and projections wrought by associative speculation.
  • It helps to uphold a spiritually rigid, morally strong, and gracefully opinionated perspective. Good character often requires solid values, but it is equally important to develop a flexible pattern of thought and a dynamic range of choice.
  • Don’t hesitate to question any reason that seems to lack any reasoning.
  • Labels are better suited for objects than for human beings.
  • A 0% chance of precipitation in the weather forecast still means that it might rain.
  • A family doesn’t require marital bonds and blood relations. Likewise, a home doesn’t necessitate a house or any static place of residence.
  • A greater degree of expectation is proportionate to a greater amount of disappointment.
  • If you encounter unfavorable circumstances, it is good to shrug it off. If you maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity, you will begin to generate a sovereign disposition that will hold up against virtually any force.
  • When the going gets tough, keep pushing forward. At the very least, hold your ground. NEVER retreat from who you are or where you are going.
  • Trust yourself, but don’t be too sure of anything. If you look deep, deep within yourself you will understand the significance in the unknown and in the definite truth.
  • Look out for the outlook that comes out of an outcome.

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