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Living on the road demands a lot of resiliency in your thoughts and your reactions because the situation is often very fluid: A lot of times, the circumstances one encounters are constantly changing (which nullifies the practical value of holding onto fixed expectations). In some cases, things work out where you might just have to go along with things; reaping the benefits of fortune and rolling with the punches when times are tough. In other cases, you might have to make decisions based on your own judgment and values–until you’re either forced to admit that you’re wrong or strengthen the foundation that holds up your principles. Whether things go smoothly or it seems like you run into every possible obstacle that could get in your way, the organically-unfolding experiences of the journey create endless opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Operating from this perspective also serves as an invaluable tool to hone in on “the art of winging it,” and to improve mental skills for strategizing in the moment or preparing for the future.

If it suddenly clicks that you know you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing–or you’re just in the zone and so immersed in your state of being that level your awareness transcends your consciousness of this fact–there’s a good possibility that you’re on the right track. There have been plenty of times where I was down on my luck and it seemed like I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I knew I could use some help, and I knew my chances of getting the help I needed were pretty slim without asking for it. We can’t always do everything by ourselves, so it’s perfectly fine to have a little push in the right direction to steer yourself onto the path you need to head down. At the same time, it’s valuable to put yourself on trial by trusting your gut feelings and learning from your mistakes in order to fine-tune your intuition. Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll develop a keen awareness of your inner reality overnight. Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction to feel lost and confused without succumbing to the urge that being in control is always necessary in life. If you have faith in your core values, the road will take you where you are meant to go. No matter how accurate your sense of direction is, no matter how surefire your plan is, and no matter how certain your destination seems you won’t end up there if it simply isn’t meant to be. However, you might make it further along on the road to self-actualization with the knowledge that there is no assurance that where you think you’ll wind up is the inevitable destiny of your reality. Knowing who you are and understanding where you’re heading are important aspects of realizing your full potential in life, but accepting that the end of the road is fundamentally out of your hands may be the only guarantee you can trust to be content when the end finally does arrive.

One of my truths about life is that you can’t always do everything in private. You can try to keep everything to yourself, and you can try to keep everything from yourself, but hiding things from yourself can be just as harmful as hiding things from others. The physical realm can serve to enlighten, captivate, or disorient. Reality is engrossing; in lieu of the sensory bombardment from external sources, there is so much cognitive information to process internally. In any given moment, there is a great amount of visceral activity and inward-mental processing that compete with environmental stimuli to draw our attention away from our surroundings. The interferences of outside influences can easily complicate plenty of things in life; a constant barrage of thoughts and ideas makes it hard to keep up with external phenomena in real-time. Awareness–without acknowledgment–of existence can help to prevent mental oversaturation.

I encourage you to cultivate knowledge and ideas through self-awareness and internal feedback, but I would advise against seeking wisdom through isolation. Share your thoughts and spread your insights, but realize that the same truth that can be found in yourself can be found in everything else. What a hollow fate to be a convict of conviction–consumed by one’s beliefs to preserve ignorance through arrogance: It’s interesting how easily we can be seduced by the notion that we can become something greater than what we already are, simply having a glimpse at how easily playing the role of that “greater self” becomes once we decide to be unfaithful to our own nature. Even though we’re well aware of the inner greatness in what each of us personally hold to be true, the recognition of greatness seems a lot more apparent when it’s directed toward an outward identity that we’ve chosen to portray instead. Life is a puzzle and each person holds a piece of their own. To identify which puzzle piece we are we must look at the whole puzzle and decide how we fit in to complete it. We cannot complete the puzzle alone–if everyone keeps their pieces to themselves then the puzzle will forever remain a mystery.

This section deals with the overarching context that starts with a mission statement and progresses as a series of realizations brings one’s inner truth closer to light with each step forward. At the journey’s end–when the essence of the adventure comes full-circle through acquired techniques and validated beliefs–processing the meaning of it all and distilling any lessons learned into basic concepts not only helps to enhance one’s personal connection with their experience, but also creates a firsthand resource of knowledge that catalyzes the future evolution of one’s reality. By sharing what/why/how certain elements my personal reality have been incorporated into my own existence, I hope to provide an example that others may use to overcome their own personal hurdles in life–and to show others that they are not alone if they choose to plunge below the surface of reality. Whatever your path in life…wherever your own adventures lead you and however you carry the nature of your being throughout existence, pursuing your own truth assures that you will not be alone in your pursuit. You may not see eye-to-eye with me about even your most sacred values, but as far as I’m concerned, if your view focuses on the pure truth within yourself then you can count me as an ally. Go forth, be yourself–and tear down the barriers that stand in the way of your full potential!

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