Packing List

Here is the rough list of what I packed when I set off on my trip. I never officially weighed my backpack, but I estimate that the full weight ranged from about 40-60 pounds (depending on the max capacity of food/water rations and the various items that I received from others or gave away on my journey). A lot of people have commented that this would be too much for them, and while I admit that I haven’t mastered the art of utralight backpacking, there are few items that I would consider cutting from this list for a future trip of the same nature. However, the load would not have been bearable without a backpack with a waist strap and boots with ankle support, so considering the fact that I was aiming for endurance rather than speed, I found this an appropriate packing list to be adequately prepared for starting a journey of undefined timeframe/distance.

(x1) Pair hiking boots (broken-in & water-proofed)
(x1) Light rain jacket + (x1) Fleece coat + (x1) Insulated Winter coat
(x6) Pair crew socks + (x3) Pair wool hiking socks + (x2) Pair sock-liners
(x3) Pair cargo pants + (x1) Pair shorts + (x1) Belt + (x5) T-shirts + (x2) Long-sleeve shirts
(x7) Pair boxer shorts + (x1) Pair pajama pants + (x1) Pair fleece adjustable hood/neck cover

(x1) Internal-frame backpack + (x1) Rain cover
(x1) Hennessy Hammock Scout + (x2) Snakeskin packing sleeves
(x1) Sleeping bag + (x1) Accordion-style foam sleeping pad + (x1) Pillowcase
(x1) CamelBak water pouch (3 Liter) + (x2) Nalgene bottles (1 Liter)
(x1) Pair polarized sunglasses + (x1) Lightweight sunhat + (x1) Travel-size tube sunscreen
(x1) LED flashlight + spare batteries + (x1) LED headlamp + spare batteries
(x1) Mini BIC lighter + (x2) Tealight candles + (x1) Metal match
(x1) Aluminum cooking pot + (x1) Aluminum coffee cup + (x1) Stainless-steel spork
(x1) Medical Swiss Army Knife + (x1) Stainless-steel pocketknife

Personal First-Aid & Hygiene:
(x1) Package Band-Aids + (x1) Tube Neosporin gel + (x1) Neosporin Spray + (x1) Portable hand sanitizer
(x5) Moleskin strips (blister prevention) + (x1) Package Footstickers strips (blister treatment)
(x1) Disposable razor + (x1) Pair nail clippers + (x1) Roll waterproof medical tape
(x60) Ibuprofen pills + (x30) Multivitamin pills + (x30) Melatonin tablets + (x10) Pepto-Bismol tablets
(x1) Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Magic Soap (in a pocket-size dropper bottle)
(x1) Portable toothbrush + (x1) Travel-size toothpaste + (x1) Dental floss + (x1) Pack Floss-picks
(x1) Portable deodorant + (x2) Pack wet-wipes + (x1) Gold Bond body powder + (x1) Gold Bond body spray
(x1) Portable body wash + (x1) Portable face wash + (x2) Portable shampoo + (x1) Portable conditioner
(x1) Microfiber body towel + (x1) Bandana/face towel + (x1) Portable washcloth

Miscellaneous Items:
(x1) Cell phone + (x1) Charging cable
(x1) Driver’s license + $200 cash + (x1) Pocket-size list of personal contacts (laminated)
(x1) Digital camera with charger & 32GB/16GB memory cards + (x3) Spare batteries + (x1) Mini-tripod
(x1) Digital voice recorder + spare batteries
(x1) Pocket-size U.S. interstate travel atlas + (x1) Moleskin journal + (x1) Pen + (x1) Paperback reading book
(x2) Garbage bags + (x10) Ziploc bags + (x1) Waterproof compression sack
(x3) Bouillon cubes + (x2) Travel-size Tabasco bottles + (x1) Cookware sponge
(x1) Container peanut butter + (x5) Packages trail mix + (x1) Bag homemade trail mix + (x1) Bag peanuts
(x1) Sharpie Magnum black permanent marker + (x6) Zip-ties + (x1) Portable duct-tape pack
(x5) Packs chewing gum + (x60) Toothpicks + (x1) Pair earplugs


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