Hitchhiking Across the U.S. (Oct-Nov 2013)

From the instant I’d first set foot on the road, I knew that I’d made the choice to put myself out there: It was up to me if I wanted to continue following that decision, or to change my mind and turn back. Going forward meant surrendering the illusion of control over where my voyage would take me and letting go of any expectations about what or whom I might happen to encounter along the way. I was extremely satisfied with the overall depth of consciousness that I came across during my travels. I was welcomed into the lives of so many different individuals, and the time I spent in their company exposed me to a wide range of lifestyles and cultural perspectives. It was a journey of self-discovery–and yet it was so much more than that. I was amazed by the nature of respect and understanding I was capable of sharing among so many strangers after having experienced it so rarely between family members or long-time friends back home. It’s good to know there are still lots of people out there who are still true to themselves and sincere to others. Listening to the inner truths of other people was one of the most powerful impacts on the trip, and it deepened my appreciation for the beauty of the human soul that is allowed to shine outward. It may have been downright miserable at times, but overall every moment I spent on my journey was worth the incredible life experience it gave me. It was eye-opening to witness the geographical change of scenery as I covered more distance, but even more thought-provoking than the physical landscape was the range of intangible environments that I encountered along the way–from the sociocultural to the spiritual.


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