2014 Mission Statement

America here; America there…There’s a ‘merica on both sides of the equator. Nevertheless, it’s all too common for US U.S. citizens to dismantle the continents that comprise the Americas–and neglect the plurality of nations within those continents–when referring to “America” as our singular nation. Mexico (AKA “The United Mexican States”) seems like our lesser-known neighbor that lots of people have opinions about…seemingly based predominantly on gossip or generalizations rather than getting to know its true character through a personal, firsthand experience. Of course, this is simply my overall impression from what I’ve quite frequently come to witness as a popular culture stance in the U.S., but I feel it’s time to arrange a formal introduction with our next-door neighbor. If possible, I’d like to continue through the neighborhood of Latin America and head down the road of the Western Hemisphere in order to meet some of our more distant peers in the Americas face-to-face.

Due to a lack of assumption/expectation, I cannot say for sure whether even the preliminary stages of this plan will come to fruition, but after I hit the road I will make an effort to post a final update before crossing the border into the next stage of the journey–if I’m able to make it that far. How adept are my abilities in the art of winging it–taking life as it comes in the midst of a fresh slew unknown variables that are geographically, culturally and linguistically distinct from simply traveling independently within my home country? Will I crash and burn from the start…Will I get into the flow of things and pick up on it as I go along? My hopes for this trip extend well beyond the reach of the USA, although my expectations–as a rule–must not stray past the state borders of Pennsylvania until I have physically crossed that threshold. Keeping the primary structure intact from my latest venture, no particular destinations are set in stone–and there will be no specific timeframe. Once again, I’ll focus less on time and place to seek my existential pace.


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