Central America Travels (2014)

My trip through Central America, from Guatemala to Panama City. Unfortunately I lost my digital camera somewhere near Escuintla, Guatemala, so the photo quality isn’t so hot since I had to resort to using the camera from my non-smart cell phone.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama: Six of the seven countries in Central America, sans Belize (which I didn’t have much of an interest in visiting for financial/cultural/practical reasons). It was an incredible life lesson…not for the weak at heart, but it was definitely rewarding to get more in touch with my inner truth and my outward sense of being. Taking the plunge on my own helped me find out that those who don’t have the firsthand experience to assign themselves the voice of authority on the matter aren’t necessarily right with regard to their own preconceptions and hasty conclusions. Yes, there were hardships and setbacks…but all in all it was a great time with delicious food, a fine selection of local brews, friendly people, and a completely new world of opportunity. My travels presented me with a fair balance of shared activities as well as solo adventures to immerse myself in the diverse natural experiences and sociocultural delights of the region. Picking up Spanish for those with no prior academic experience is well worth the effort, but if you have an itchy travel finger, there’s nothing stopping you other than the denial of your own willpower! It was a slow start for me at first, but I definitely learned how to get by starting off with practically no knowledge of the language. ‘Course, you don’t need to be as crazy as me, but I urge you to get out there and have yourself a grand ol’ adventure of new experiences and self-discovery. I sincerely doubt you’ll be disappointed!!! 😀

Hitchhiking the USA: https://existentialpace.wordpress.com/hitchhiking-the-usa-may-august-2014/

Hitchhiking Mexico 2014: https://existentialpace.wordpress.com/hitchhiking-the-usa-may-august-2014/mexico-travels-2014/


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