2014 Revised Packing List (With Photos)

Here is a modified packing list that I’ve geared toward the regional climates that I hope to encounter on my next big adventure–but more or less applies to summertime weather conditions in temperate regions. This list is primarily based on what I’ve found to be particularly useful (or extraneous) in my own travel experiences, as well as what gear I’ve decided would best prepare me for my future travel plans. I also figured I’d snap a few photos to add a pictorial representation of what I’m currently working with, so curious readers can get a basic impression about the look/size of each piece of equipment in my inventory. I might end up waiting until the night before I hit the road to stuff everything into my backpack–like last time–but cataloging my stuff with a visual element to keep track of things and help me stay organized just might improve my packing experience when I finally do get around to it…

1. Main Equipment:
(x1) EMS Ascent 4700 Internal-Frame Backpack + (x1) Thermarest Z-Lite Foam Sleeping Mat
(x1) Kelty Lightyear 3D Sleeping Bag + (x1) Pillowcase (With Zipper)
(x1) Hennessy Hammock: Scout Classic Model + (x2) Snakeskin Packing Sleeves
1a. Main Equipment(x1) Light Rain Jacket + (x1) Cabela’s Backpack Rain Cover + (x1) Belt
(x3) Sea To Summit Compression Sacks (Varying Sizes) 1b. Rain Equipment

2. Clothing:
(x1) Pair Belleville SABRE 633 Hot Weather Hybrid Assault Boots
(x4) Pair Wool Hiking Socks + (x4) Pair Sock-Liners
2a. Jungle Boots & Socks(x1) Pair Polarized Sunglasses + (x1) Lightweight Waterproof Sunhat
(x1) Pair ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs (Lightweight, breathable, wicking/quick drying…)
2b. Hat; Sunglasses; Boxer-Briefs(x1) Pair Waterproof Cargo Pants + (x1) Pair Cargo Shorts + (x1) Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirt
(x3) Pair Boxer Shorts + (x2) Pair Boxer Briefs + (x4) Pair T-Shirts
(x1) Pair Cargo Trekking Shorts (Folds up and zips into its own back pocket) 2c. Clothing

3. Health & Hygiene:
(x1) SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Water Purifier + (x12) CR123 Lithium Batteries
(x2) Pack Chewing Gum + (x1) Container Toothpicks + (x1) Pair Earplugs
(x2) Tube Travel-Size Sunscreen + (x1) Tube Travel-Size Skin Lotion
(x1) Neosporin Spray + (x1) Benadryl Spray + (x1) Benadryl Medicated Insect Bite Relief Stick
(x1) Tube Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment + (x1) Mimi-Container Vaseline Lip Balm
(x3) Bottles Systane Eye Drops + (x1) Pair Nail Clippers + (x1) Package Tissues
(x1) Portable Toothbrush + (x2) Travel-Sized Toothpaste Tubes
(x2) Packs Dental Floss + (x1) Pack Floss-Picks + (x4) Wisp Disposable Toothbrushes
(x1) Pack Wet Ones + (x1) Travel-Size Gold Bond Body Powder + (x12) Alcohol Prep Packets
3a. Health & Hygiene_1(x2) Travel-Size Gold Bond Body Powder + (x2) Portable Deodorant Sticks
(x1) Travel-Size Shampoo Bottle + (x1) Travel-Size Face/Body Wash Bottle
(x1) Disposable Razor + (x1) Sea To Summit Microfiber Pocket Towel
3b. Health & Hygiene_2

4. First-Aid & Storage:
(x1) Bag Assorted Band-Aids + (x1) Bag Assorted Medical Creams/Ointments
(x5) Blister Prevention Strips + (x1) Package Moleskin Padding
(x2) Garbage Bags + (x10) Ziploc Baggies
(x5) Alka-Seltzer Packets + (x3) Portable Duct-Tape Strips4a. First-Aid & Storage

5. Documentation & Misc. Items:
(x1) Official U.S. Passport (With Waterproof Carrying Case) + (x1) Driver’s License (In Fishing License Card Protector) + (x1) Cell Phone + (x1) $100 AAA Prepaid Debit Card + (x1) $10 Subway Gift Card + (x1) $ Wawa Gift Card + (x1) McDonald’s Gift Card + (x1) Moleskin Journal + (x2) Pens + (x1) Plastic Mimi Signal Mirror + (x1) Portable Hand Sanitizer
5a. I.D. & Communication(x1) Canon PowerShot D20 Waterproof 12.1 MP Digital Camera + (x1) Rechargable Camera Battery + (x1) 32GB Memory Card + (x1) Mesh Pouch
5b. Canon PowerShot D20(x1) Digital Camera Charger + (x1) Spare Camera Battery + (x1) Cell Phone Charging Cable
(x1) Mexico Road Atlas Map (“laminated” with clear shipping tape) + (x1) U.S. Interstate Travel Atlas Page
(x1) Gerber Stainless-Steel Pocketknife
5c. Knife & Chargers(x1) Can DEET (>98%) + (x1) Sharpie Magnum Black Permanent Marker5d. Deet & Sharpie Magnum

6. Backup Gear:
(x1) Wallet-Size Passport Photocopy + (x1) Hepatitis/Typhoid/DTaP Immunizations Documentation Copy
(x1) LED Flashlight Pen + (x1) Tube Ibuprofen Pills + (x1) Backup 32GB/16GB/4GB Memory Cards
(x1) Tube Cinnamon-Flavored Toothpicks + (x1) Package Stim-U-Dent Plaque-Removing Toothpicks
(x1) ChapStick Stealth Wallet + (x1) Digital Voice Recorder + (x1) Medical Swiss Army Knife + (x1) BIC Lighter + (x1) LED Headlamp
6a. Backup Gear (Packed)6b. Backup Gear (Open)(x1) CamelBak Water Pouch (3 Liter) + (x2) Nalgene Bottles (1 Liter) + (x1) Aluminum Coffee Cup
(x1) Container Iodine Tablets + (x1) Container Water Purification Neutralizing Tablets (Reduces Iodine Taste)
6c. Water Storage(x100) Daily Multivitamin Pills + (x1) Container Peanut Butter + (x1) Package Unsalted Cashew Pieces + (x1) Package Unsalted Sunflower Seeds
6d. PB; Sunflower Seeds; Cashews(x1) Handheld LED Flashlight + (x5) Spare AAA Batteries + (x1) Mini LED Flashlight
(x7) Plastic Zip-Ties + (x1) Plastic Camp Spoon + (x1) Sewing Repair Kit + (x2) Rubber-Coated Wire Gear Ties6e. Flashight Spoon Batteries

7. Handy Gear:
(x1) BIC Mini Lighter + (x2) Tea Light Candles
(x1) Tube Ibuprofen Pills + (x1) Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Magic Soap (In a pocket-sized eye dropper bottle)
(x1) Spare Camera Battery + (x1) Microfiber Lens Cloth + (x1) Tube Burt’s Bees ChapStick7. Handy Gear

Note: It doesn’t take an expert to see that my ultralight backpacking technique is lacking…to say the least. My original mentality was that “it’s better to have brought something that you didn’t need than to have needed something that you didn’t bring.” This is still a useful concept to keep in mind, but after experiencing the cost of being over-prepared to the point of ankle strain and heel damage, I’ve learned the hard way how crucial moderation is. With the help of a few seasoned travelers and a determination to keep “luxury items” to a minimum, I’ve begun taking more steps to lighten the load without sacrificing my overall comfort level of basis preparedness.
As I am now approaching the final stages of preparing my gear, I have made considerable adjustments and replacements to several items featured on the equipment list below. I’ve made a few upgrades to some things, cut excess bulk from a couple things (e.g. shortening the toothbrush/razor handles), and taken a few things out altogether. I’ve added a few extra things as well, but I’ve been making a greater effort to select gear that I can swap out the older stuff for, with an emphasis on multifunctional equipment that better compliments the nature of my travel style and geographical focus. I’ll try to weigh out my fully-stocked backpack if I have any time once I reach that point, but I’m going to wait until all is said and done before I further revise the following list. Chances are I’ll make additional changes to my inventory as the utility of particular items in the field dictates what I might end up acquiring, keeping, or tossing.


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