Hitchhiking Pennsylvania to Panama (May-November 2014)

[ArcGIS Online — PA to FL Hitchhiking Route]: Interactive ESRI Web Map

This section contains pictures and insights from my hitchhiking journey from my hometown in the Unites States of America to the far reaches of Central America just outside Panama City. The following is my into statement leading up to finally taking the plunge and completing my journey toward the end of 2014.

My Upcoming Venture (USA to Mexico…and Beyond):

In the near future, I’m considering opening a bold new chapter of exploration intended to take my basic life principles to a whole new level. The spirit of this journey will essentially be the same, and the means of travel via hitchhiking will be a recurring theme as well. However, the aim and scope of this mission have an entirely new focus: The goal is to hitchhike into Mexico, and perhaps through Central America–depending on the circumstantial outcomes.

As of now, following through with this solely rests on whether I’m able to join up with a travel buddy–someone whom I met at a Greyhound bus station, when I was headed northbound to Philly at the end of my last big adventure. My tentative partner for this trip is John, a Swede who admits to knowing a grand total of three Spanish words. My own comprehension of the language covers an extremely narrow range of phrases that consist of no more than a few dozen words. While both of us have a few critical ingredients which favor our progress (willpower, determination, and a valid passport), I suspect that one of the biggest factors in determining the overall trajectory of this adventure will be playing things by ear. We shall see what actually happens in the meantime–without allowing expectations to tarnish the inner truth within us (which would otherwise threaten to compromise the essence of intrapersonal navigation corresponding to the situational experience of physical travel).


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