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These are also on my instagram page, and I assure you, the most pieces are unabashed satire (but some are heartfelt sentiments that represent values I hold dear). Nevertheless, they’re all a part of who I am, so feel free to “Like and Share” 🙂




I’d like to have award about grammer…grammer-existential-pace

The next installment of my puns with a purpose…This time it’s philosophy-themed. Socratic that you might feel conpelled to revisit your theoretical view of “-ality!” Approved by IX/X classical philosophers​ (Phil, the ossified Greek officer, could not be present)The Lament of Phil Ossiifies

Death (Dedicated to my cousin. Rest easy, Mario.)

Death. I don’t view death as simply as a fixed event within a solitary, finite lifespan. Rather, I believe that life itself is an enduring and unfathomable continuity that affects so many facets of existence and the lives of other living beings long after death. Thus, every deceased individual will continue to have its place in life – for as long as life has its place in the intrinsic nature of existence. Just as our atomic makeup is carried with us in life–all the way from the supernova “deaths” of ancient stars–so too are the dead ones we have known so much more than fond memories of someone who “ceases to exist”…they are right here with us. I love you all, and thank you for your presence in my life (and in our existence at large).Death

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So, apparently my way of coping with a migraine marathon is to channel that pain into a text-based context. Enjoy…or don’t. But if you get my goat, I hope you appreciate it😁

I’m practicing my dad jokes in the hopes that it will help buffalo parents with a bison/daughter help them feel more comfortable coming out. You can lead a water buffalo to a horse, but they mare may not drink a juice box in proximity of a silent oxen (or perhaps blackjack yak-packs). This was almost more than I cud stomach, but if I just had three more…

(Final)_Dairy Goes Again

Prose and Cons in Scholarly RhetoricTrilingual, Base-2

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